Friday, December 17, 2010

a few pics i took theese days

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

To Elaine .

This song is dedicated to her , not to prove anything , but I wanna dedicate this .

Thanks for being around when I was alone and surrounded ,

Thanks for being able to forgive me , for all the mistakes

Thanks for being understanding , when I needed someone to understand me,

Although , your words for cheering me up , ain't good,

But at least, you were there , from the beginning ,

We shared happiness , and when sadness came , you never ran ,

When we were poor , we ate at home,

When we had more money , we played

Thank you , for always being here , <3

I love you

Monday, December 13, 2010

Day 3 in the UK

Had lunch at pasta house ^ ^ The portion is so big , and I am so full because of the cheese and the potatoes , and I cant finish my sandwich ..

So anyway , when I got home , the first thing I did was to skype my babe ^ ^

Look at her face BIG BIG FACE = )

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Life at London

So yea , I just reached london a day ago , having 15 hours flight is such a pain in the ass ,and it sucks more when your sitting with 2 old big sized guys.
So anyway , when I reached Dubai, wow , the airport was big , and I only have 30 minutes time , so I found a desert shop , and wow , the yogurt just looks like ice cream , cause me 10 USD for it .

Then anyway , I started to MSN , but , I cant find my Elaine , where did she go ? haha , but its ok , I managed to ask my friend to text her , So then I went to the next plane which takes me to London.

So before I got down the plane , it was winter ,so its cold , I then ordered 5 shots of whisky ( Johny walker - Double Black ( lastest black label ) ) and wah - lah , when I got down the plane , its hot , well not particularly hot , but still , It was warm.

So when I saw my dad , his first word to me was " wow , u've grown fatter " , what a dissapointment , but anyway , we headed home and had steamboat , its freaking spicy , but what gives ? I like it .

Anyway , the next morning ( which is today ) I woke up at 5 , saw my LaoPo was online , so , I talked to her ^ ^ was happy , but then I got to sleep again , cause , I am tired =.=

Then , I bought dad a modulater , helped him setting it up , and load it up with new songs , its help of a work , than we had DIM SUM at china town , then dad went to collect money , while left me alone with some cash , so I went to GAP and H & M , bought some cloth , and then I went to a coffee shop .

So when I was enjoying my soya bean , a gay or kinda gay uncle asked me " Are you chinese ? cause If you are , you dont look like one , you look mixed . " My reaction was " im 100 % chinese , but not from china " than he said " than your not 100 % than " , I smiled back as a reaction .

So anyway , when I tought the conversation ended with a smile , it did not .He then says " Boy , you are not tough enough , you must be tough , If not people will tend to take advantage on you " I was like ... what? I asked " are you somekind of fortune teller? " He said his a psychologist , he said that my hands were lady-like and this kind of males are soft , he than said but this kinda people wont need to be afraid that there is nothing to eat or no where to sleep , because people will eventually help them out when their in needs , well that was true I guess .He sounded more like a fortune teller to me , LOL .

Then he continued sharing a story about Hakka People - so Hak means guest in chinese , it is said that the Hakka was originated in the Middle of China , they hold the blood that is quite chinese rather than the people in the south of china , they are mixed with other countries , anyway the Hakka was somekind of refugees but not in a bad way is that when the government changes , and they lost their positions , so they escaped to the south , and they than became Hakka . Hakka people is easy to verify , by looking at their nose gap from the front to the top of the nose . They are rather shorter 1 cm , comparing to other chinese .

So his story ended like that and I went to Oxford street for more shopping .

Anyway , below is the present my Dad got for my Mom.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Dan with A lust A spree and A shiver of loneliness

its 0126 hours , yet my eyes are still wide open ,

sense of horror never stopped , graving for a moment of calm ,


Neways , im realy still awake , and really cant fall asleep ,

Happy Bday Ken Ken , and count down last 1 day ,


Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Love you Guys !

I am leaving .... Buh Bye T.T

BFF forever ~.~

Thursday, January 28, 2010


U know , everyday , we have alot of stuffs happening infront of us , wheter its related to us or

not ..

I will tell you about my little story

Today , when i was eating chicken , suddenly ,my bracers came out , the wire i mean,

due to my roughness , lol

but anyway ,this is the first bad thing happended today ,after that when i left gurney , my phone

dissapeard ... the other bad thing

but the good part is , when i went to the dentist , i met a cute girl , i dono who the hell is she

but hell yeah , she is damn cute, and she's looking at me , and i was also peeking her actualy

and than , when i went to work , a aunty treated me RUM N RASIN ICE CREAM ! HAPPY

after work , I met my uncle which is even happier , cuz he seemed to be very glad about my work

and my hair colour..

So u see , when god close one door for you, don worry, cuz he will open another one